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January 5, 2012 – SEC decision on IFRS is at least a few months away

  IFRS Update 

  • SEC decision on IFRS is at least a few months away
    The Securities and Exchange Commission staff will need a few more months to produce a final report on International Financial Reporting Standards, SEC Chief Accountant James Kroeker said Dec. 5 at the AICPA National Conference on Current SEC and PCAOB Developments in Washington. SEC members are not expected to make a determination on the use of IFRS for reporting by U.S. public companies until the staff’s work is complete. (12/5), The Wall Street Journal (12/6), AccountingWEB (12/12) LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story

  • Comment letters support IFRS, call for more convergence work: The Securities and Exchange Commission said comment letters in response to a staff paper called “Exploring a Possible Method of Incorporation,” issued in May, expressed support for global accounting standards. But commenters also wanted the International Accounting Standards Board and the Financial Accounting Standards Board to make more progress on joint standards-setting projects before International Financial Reporting Standards are adopted as the U.S. standard. (12/8) LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story

  • AICPA advises IASB to complete work on conceptual framework
    Richard Paul, chairman of the AICPA’s Financial Reporting Executive Committee, advised the International Accounting Standards Board in a letter to complete its work on a conceptual framework, including a presentation and disclosure framework. This framework will guide the board as it continues to develop International Financial Reporting Standards. The letter was sent in response to a request for feedback when the IASB issued its Agenda Consultation 2011 in July. (12/1) LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story
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  Regulatory Developments 

  • FASB, IASB reach tentative decisions on aspects of lease accounting
    The Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board announced progress in their ongoing, high-profile convergence project on leases. Although an exposure draft hasn’t been released, the boards reached tentative decisions regarding cancelable leases, and revenue recognition and disclosure for lessors with leases of investment property. They also reached an agreement on how to require banks to book losses on loans earlier than they do now. The boards will release the revised joint proposal on impairment in 2012, with the standard likely to be effective in 2015. (12/15), Reuters (12/15) LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story

  • FASB, IASB issue new disclosure requirements on offsetting
    The Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board issued on Dec. 16 common disclosure requirements on the effect or potential effect of offsetting arrangements on a company’s financial position. The new rules will require companies to disclose gross amounts subject to rights of set-off, amounts set off in accordance with the accounting standards followed, and the related net credit exposure, according to the IASB (12/16) LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story

  • Key accounting-policy decisions are mired in uncertainty
    Details about whether and how International Financial Reporting Standards will be incorporated into the U.S. financial reporting system remain unclear, as Securities and Exchange Commission officials say they are still a few months away from deciding. The SEC has floated a “condorsement” approach, although the AICPA has urged the agency to give companies the option to adopt IFRS as issued by International Accounting Standards Board. Meanwhile, leaders of the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the IASB say the current convergence project model is likely to end when the priority projects are completed. AICPA Insights (12/28) LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story

  • Other News

  IFRS at Work 

  • How the switch to IFRS could affect M&A accounting
    The convergence of International Financial Reporting Standards and U.S. generally accepted accounting principles will have implications for the treatment of mergers and acquisitions, writes Brian Reed, CPA/CVA. For example, GAAP and IFRS take different approaches to measuring the fair value of business combinations, and in many cases, revenue is recognized sooner under IFRS. In general, IFRS offers fewer rules and less guidance. Corporate Finance Insider (12/2011) LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story

  • IFRS allows banks to inflate profits, report says
    Banks are using complex financial products to bolster profits under International Financial Reporting Standards, according to a report by the Adam Smith Institute that calls for changes. In particular, banks are able to recognize expectations of future income as current profits under IFRS. The Guardian (London) (12/13) LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story

  • IFRS rule led to misdiagnosis of financial crisis, U.K. group says
    Flaws in the IAS 39 International Financial Reporting Standards rule kept U.K. and Irish banks from booking potential bad loans during the 2008 financial crisis, leading to losses totaling $236 billion, according to a report by a pension fund lobby group. The accounting rule led to misdiagnosis of the root problem as one of liquidity, rather than solvency, the report said. Bloomberg (11/30) LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story
  International Watch 

  • Ireland eyes new deadline for U.S. multinationals to use IFRS
    U.S. companies operating in Ireland reportedly will have another five years before being required to prepare a second set of statements under either International Financial Reporting Standards or Irish generally accepted accounting principles, in addition to U.S. GAAP. A proposed law would allow U.S. companies to continue using U.S. GAAP until 2020. The measure is intended to encourage foreign businesses to invest in Ireland. The Irish Times (Dublin) (12/1) LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story

  • Other News

  AICPA News 

  • Register today: AICPA International Business Conference
    The AICPA International Business Conference, to be held June 11 and 12 in Washington, covers the latest hot topics, including global strategies that can affect your international business. International Accounting Standards Board and Financial Accounting Standards Board updates, using International Financial Reporting Standards in practice, doing business in Europe and India, facilitating access to international markets, SAS 70 Audits and much more will be covered. Register today. LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story

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The AICPA’s IFRS Certificate Program is a comprehensive curriculum of online training, research tools and practice aids designed to help CPAs understand, implement and apply International Financial Reporting Standards. Courses cover revenue recognition, leases, impairment, intangible assets, inventories, EPS and more. Enroll today.

Pertama Kali Mengadopsi IFRS

Selamat Pagi,

Selamat menyambut hal baru yang telah mengubah para akuntan dan calon-calonnya yaitu apalagi kalau bukan IFRS. OK guys, saya sekarang mau sedikit membahas nih sebenarnya apa saja sih yang harus dilakukan ketika akan mengadopsi IFRS untuk pertama kalinya? Nih saya mau agak serius membahasnya. OK, check it out!

IFRS pertama kali diterbitkan pada bulan juni 2003 tepatnya pada IFRS 1, IFRS dibuat sedemikian rupa sehingga bertujuan agar memudahkan para penggunanya ketika para pengguna mulai mengadaptasi IFRS tersebut dan pula ketika menghadapi perubahan di masa depan. Pada saat pertama kali mengadopsi IFRS, entitas diharuskan untuk mengungkapan pernyataan secara eksplisit bahwa entitas tersebut telah patuh dalam IFRS.

Pada umumnya, sebuah entitas  mulai mengefektifkan IFRS pada akhir periode akuntansinya atau awal periode berikutnya. Starting point yang harus entitas persiapkann dalam pertama kali mengadopsinya dalam  laporan keuangannya adalah pertama yaitu dengan mengakui semua aset dan liabilitas (dalam IFRS istilah kewajiban berubah menjadi liabilitas) seperti yang diminta IFRS, kedua yaitu tidak mengakui item sebagai aset dan liabiitas dimana item tersebut tidak diperbolehkan IFRS , ketiga yaitu mereklasifikasi item yang sebelumnya  diakui oleh GAAP sebagai salah satu item dari aset, liabilitas, ataupun komponen dari ekuitas  tetapi yang berbeda dengan item yang di akui sebagai aset, liabilitas, ataupun  bagian dari komponen ekuitas yang diakui oleh IFRS. Keempat yaitu memakai IFRS dalam mengukur semua aset dan liabilitas yang diakui.

Wooww.. lumayan juga nih awal-awal. OK Guys, semoga dikemudian hari saya bisa diberi kesempatan untuk menyentuhnya secara langsung agar bisa share kasus terbaru dari IFRS ini. Sebagai referensi, saya sertakan file IFRS yang terbaru bisa di download di bawah sini:




ifrs3 business combinations

ifrs4 Insurance contracts

ifrs5 Non-current Assets Held for Sale and

ifrs6 Mineral Resources

ifrs7 Financial Instruments

ifrs8 Operating Segments

ifrs9 Financial Instruments

Di file selanjutnya juga saya akan menyisipkan dokumen yang menceritakan bagaimana beberapa negara yang telah menerapkan IFRS, cekidot..

ifrs_country_adoption pwc

Konsep Sederhana Fair Value

Selamat pagi rekan semua, selamat mengawali tahun baru dengan penuh target dan perencanan yang ajib. Sekarang mari kita sedikit membahas topik fair value, apa sih fair value itu? nama kebijakan kah? atau nama seperti jakarta fair?hehe..

Mari saya beri gambaran dengan contoh, pada tahun 2011 saya memiliki sebidang tanah dengan nilai 100 juta dan diatas tanah tersebut saya mempunyai ternak sapi senilai 10juta dan saya catat itu dalam buku inventaris saya. Setahun kemudian pada tahun 2012 diketahui nilai pasar atau nilai wajar tanah tersebut adalah 110 juta dan ternak tersebut 11 juta. Apabila saya menggunakan konsep Historical Cost maka saya akan tetap mencatat  nilai tanah tersebut 100 juta dan ternak tersebut 10 juta. Kebetulan saya sudah belajar akuntansi internasional pada waktu itu jadi saya catat nilai tanah itu dengan konsep Fair Value yaitu senilai 110 juta dan nilai ternak 11 juta, setiap kenaikan itu saya catat sebagai kenaikan revaluasi. hehe..

Simpel kan? tulisan ini saya ilustrasikan dari konsep fair value yang saya ikuti dan adaptasi kemudian diterjemahkan dari definisinya Deloitte. Bila ada pandangan lain bisa di share disini. Akuntansi itu menyenangkan, trust me..

Apakah IFRS itu? “Deloitte Version”

Berikut ini adalah komentar dari pemimpin KAP Delloit dalam memberikan pandangan mengenai IFRS:

Download Gratis Kalkulator Pajak PPh Pasal 21 OP

Selamat pagi..

Good Morning..

Shohabbul Nur..

Atau whatever itu..

Alhamdulilah nih guys, saya minta maaf akhir-akhir ni jarang update ni blog karena lagi sibuk belajar excel yaaaa.. iseng-iseng berhadiah atau apalah. akhirnya saya menghasilkan produk gratis baru terutama bagi yang awam pajak yaitu kalkulator pajak PPH pasal 21 OP yang bisa di download dari link ini: Kalkulator PPh 21 OP


Terimakasih atas kunjungan rekan, doakan saya agar sayaterus mampu berkarya dan  diberikan kesempatan penuh untuk meniti karir ditempat bagus dan nyaman serta banyak kasus terkini agar bisa share ke rekan semua. wassalam cuy…



Selamat dan semangat tahun baru 2012 rekan-rekan semua, tanpa terasa nih udah tahun 2012 juga yang kabarnya tahun horor dan ada isu kiamatnya. Whatever itu isu, yang penting kita tetep semangat menjalani hari. ngomong-ngomong ada yang luar biasa ditahun ini, yups.. apalagi kalo gak IFRS yang udah bener-bener merepotkan kita, hehehe..  saya cuma ingin menanyakan mengenai IFRS, apakah rekan-rekan sudah siap? sudah mapan dengan materi dan teori? sudah mampu menyusun pelaporannya? waaaaww.. sungguh pekerjaan yang butuh pembelajara ekstra lebih. semoga dihari kelak saya bisa bantu sedikit mengenai apa yang terjadi dengan IFRS, doakan saya agar mengalami kasus terkait agar tidak jadi omdo nih buat rekan semua. akhirulkalam.. selamat berproses, tiada nasi uduk yang abadi. ^^ hehe..